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pynfs is intended for NFSv4.0 and NFSv4.1 testing. Unlike the Connectathon suite, it knows how to parse and generate the protocol itself, so can talk directly to the client or server to be tested. This makes it particularly well-suited for testing:

  • responses to incorrect or malicious protocol
  • responses to unusual error conditions
  • protocol conformance
  • correctness of new features that don't yet have corresponding client or server side implementations to test against

The server-testing code is currently more useful than the client-testing code.

Note that test results should *not* be considered authoritative statements about the protocol--if you find that a server fails a test, you should consult the rfc's and think carefully before assuming that the server is at fault. (However, we do appreciate patches if you find a test that requires incorrect behavior.)


Source code is available from git; see README for instructions:


The original pynfs was written by Peter ├ůstrand. It was rewritten mainly by Fred Isaman at citi with a nicer test framework and clearer output, and briefly renamed to "newpynfs" (then back to "pynfs"). Fred then later forked a NFSv4.1 pynfs--also originally named "newpynfs", which has been since merged back into pynfs. The resulting project supports all minor versions and will forever be named just pynfs. Hopefully.

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